Timed to Perfection

Why timing matters in media monitoring

Everyone knows that timing can make or break a story. But how much does timing really matter, and what can you do to manipulate the news cycle to your advantage?

Even the most cursory examination of the news cycle will reveal hourly peaks and toughs in coverage. So how can you know when your issue will be at the top of the media agenda?

Streem’s innovative ‘heat map’ function can help you to gauge the times and days when your organisation is mentioned most in the media. It visualises the periods when coverage of your key issues is at its heaviest, and by extension makes it easy to see when coverage is flagging.

Anaylsis via Streem.
Analysis via Streem.

Arming yourself with an understanding of peak and off-peak media coverage is a quantum leap when devising long-term media strategies. Being informed about the timing of media mentions can be the difference between a reactive response to breaking news and proactive goal-oriented agenda setting.

Analysing your monthly mention volumes can help you to problem solve long term gaps in coverage or monitor unfolding crises. Analysing tangible data can help you to ask more questions and get more answers, rather than relying on intuition or habit to assess media coverage.

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